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      Thank you for visiting

      Following 20 years of delivering yoga and mindfulness to primary school children, we have developed an innovative way of teaching that allows ALL children to take part and benefit from YogaBugs at a fraction of the price of having an external provider come to the school.


      By the age of eleven, one in ten children are being affected by Mental Health conditions.

      Our Mindfulness classes help children quiet their mind and reduce stress and anxiety

      In today’s society of technology and pressure, it can be hard for children to ‘quiet their minds’ and focus on the tasks ahead. Practising mindfulness can help children shift the focus away from worry and anxiety, help them to manage stress, regulate their emotions and develop a more positive outlook.

      YogaBugs teaches children mindfulness through a combination of yoga, breathing, visualisation, meditation and relaxation techniques. We teach meditation to show children how to distance themselves from disturbing thoughts and emotions and focus on the here and now and thus improving their concentration in the classroom.

      YogaBugs in Education

      YogaBugs has been successfully working within schools and nurseries for over 20 years, teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children and Teachers across the UK.

      Through our curriculum programmes we teach children from Early Years to KS2 through interactive adventures and themes. Our classes are all inclusive and non-competitive, allowing all children to develop at their own pace and achieve their own goals. Mindfulness practice is incorporated into all of our classes, giving children vital skills to help them deal with their emotions and improve their self-esteem

      Programmes Available for All:

      Curriculum Classes

      • PSHE
      • Impact and Change
      • Health Days
      • CPD Mindfulness Training
      • Health and Wellbeing Workshop For Staff
      • Parent Workshop
      • Breakfast & After School Clubs
      • SAT Preparation - Tools for Life Nursery Programme
      • SEN Targeted Classes

      YogaBugs in the Community

      YogaBugs is the largest children’s yoga and mindfulness activity in the UK; offering classes for children from walking age to twelve years.

      YogaBugs classes for younger children bring stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga. Combining fun with exercise, children go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space!c

      YogaBugs for older children use themes to teach yoga, keeping it fun, educational and engaging. We challenge children mentally and physically and teach them about their bodies and what they can achieve.

      Promoting Mindfulness

      All of our classes include breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques; teaching children vital techniques to deal with their emotions, feel calm, focussed and relaxed.

      Fully Inclusive

      All children can do YogaBugs to their own ability. YogaBugs actively promotes an inclusive approach through flexible session plans, fully-trained staff and a positive outlook which emphasises accessibility. We cater for children with disabilities as well as additional behavioural and communication needs and encourage children to reach their full potential in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

      Increase Confidence

      All children can do YogaBugs, which helps their confidence grow in a pressure free environment. Children are encouraged to be vocal during a class and express their emotions physically. Through creative visualisation techniques we help children believe they are unique and special.

      Improve Concentration

      Balancing postures help children to focus their mind and concentration techniques keep the mind in one place instead of letting it wander.


      There is a big emphasis on children having fun in a YogaBugs class, we take children on wild adventures and encourage them to use their creative imagination while they benefit from exercise.

      Join the team

      Do you love yoga and love working with children?
      Do you dream of having the perfect job that is flexible and enjoyable?
      Are you fun, enthusiastic and want to make a difference to children’s health and over all well-being?

      Here at YogaBugs we are always looking for enthusiastic, devoted fun people, who have a strong interest in health and fitness. We need people who have practiced yoga, possibly have teaching experience or drama backgrounds to join our team of excellent YogaBugs teachers.

      Being a YogaBugs Teacher is an exciting and rewarding Job. What other job allows you to fly to the moon, swim with dolphins and go exploring in the jungle? You will be joining a network of teachers who share our vision of making a difference to children’s lives, who love their job and who have fun every single day!

      Our excellent Yoga teacher training course will give you all the required skills, knowledge and confidence to teach children’s yoga. Not only will you be fully supported by your experienced Franchise Manager, you’ll also have access to our teacher’s forum and support and guidance from YogaBugs head Office.

      Depending on suitability, you will be funded through the Yoga Teacher Training course for 3-7 year olds, with the added opportunity to train further in our amazing MiniBugs (Walking- 2 year olds) and MightyBugs (2-3 ? year olds), plus the exciting and challenging Yoga’d Up (8-12 year olds).


      You will be required to have a basic foundation in yoga with regular class attendance combined with a high level of fitness. To teach Yoga’d Up we look for a minimum of 5 years yoga practice. You will also need a full enhanced DBS first aid training, insurance (You will be guided through all of the process).

      Contact us now

      Click here to request more information, or contact a member of theTeam on:

      YogaBugs UK Ltd, Centre Court, 1301 Stratford Road, Hall Green, B28 9HH [email protected] 0121 77 77792